Top 5 Tips for Horse Road Safety

December 27, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Equestrian Advice

I wanted to make a short feature on Horse Road Safety after all the news lately I think we all need a refresh of how we can put ourselves and our horses in the best situation and in the least danger as possible.
I am going to be honest… I don’t go on the roads nowadays. I believe there is WAY to much traffic and it is so dangerous when we have plenty of fields to take advantage of!
BUT, not all of us have transport so lets have a chat through what the top 5 tips are to keeping yourself and your horse SAFE!
We cannot predict the traffic unfortunately, so even if you apply these tips accidents can still happen.

  1. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS WEAR REFLECTIVE CLOTHING! No matter if it is in the day or night.
  2. Learn your road signs, a great tip is to go to the BHS website and to buy the highway code book and even why not do the exam. I DID! This puts you in a great position, as you will know exactly where to place yourself on the road (including roundabouts) and you will know exactly what all the road signs mean and be able to take appropriate action.
  3. Don’t go out on your own. This will give your horse a companion, if needed. As we know its a spooky world out there, other horses can give your horse confidence. Also it is great to have someone with you for incase something does happen…. a witness and even someone to call for help.
  4. Wear a camera – Nowadays there has been a lot of issues with drivers having extreme road rage! Having a camera can get the whole issue on film for you, if needed in extreme circumstances. (You can even just watch back to see your lovely hack from the morning)
  5. TAKE YOUR PHONE – This is a necessary evil, I am not saying film yourself live while riding on the road or even be on Facebook! Take your phone for in case there is an emergency and you need an ambulance or vet!


  1. kogross said on March 13, 2017 8:44 PM:

    Do you think it is safer to ride in the direction of traffic or against traffic so you can see oncoming vehicles?

    1. image
      FINDMYSTABLE said on March 14, 2017 8:17 PM:

      To answer your question it is safer to ride in the direction of the traffic, please see the BHS Highway Code course for more information.

      Click here to view the BHS Highway Code

      Any further questions, please so let me know?