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All information entered into FIND MY STABLE will not be sold or shared in anyway by FIND MY STABLE. Please add your information at your own risk as anyone who can view the website can read your advert.


Information collected on FIND MY STABLE includes:

  1. Email Address
  2. Website Address
  3. Personal Phone Number
  4. About Me/ Extra Details
  5. Password
  6. Facebook Details
  7. Twitter Details
  8. Linkedin Details
  9. Skype Details
  10. Farm Yard Address
  11. Facilities
  12. Media – Including Display Photos, movies, audio. (Please ensure all movies are not explicit and any video found which does not abide by this is reported to FIND MY STABLE immediately.)

Information added into the Find My Stable website will not be directly shared. Please note,  that you add your information at your own risk.

If required,  you can request the information held on your account at any time.

Information added into this website will be used for directly contacting the user with email promotions, user advice, assistance and sharing of the adverts to the public.