Download the FREE Show Jumping Checklist today

June 6, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Equestrian Advice

Your FREE Show Jumping Checklist

Your FREE Show Jumping Checklist

Show Jumping is commonly seen throughout the world at horse shows and is an English riding event.


Show jumping classes include walking a course of show jumps usually ranging from 7 to 12 jumps. Next you need to learn the course, individually jump the course in the correct order and without any refusals or knocking any poles down. If you are successful and jump clear, you are then through to the next round which is the Jump Off.

HOWEVER, if you have a refusal or knock any jumps down you will receive 4 faults for each mistake and therefore may not get through to the Jump Off round. PLUS, if you gain 12 faults you are automatically eliminated from the competition! So, with all of this to think about you don’t need to be worrying about what you have forgotten on the day of your competition. This could potentially prevent you from riding on the day…Imagine forgetting your saddle!

Find the link at the bottom of this blog for downloading your free checklist. Simply download from the link and then print off the checklist to tick off what you have prepared. (Note there is also now a free cross country jumping checklist also available)


The ‘Jump Off’ is a shortened version of the current course, which needs to be jumped without walking the course and as fast as you can without crossing your path. Obviously, without putting you or your horse in danger!


It is vital you have the right equipment when attending a competition. SO, I decided to write a basic checklist for you to download and tick away as you get yourself ready for your day out!


Click the link below for your FREE download, simply just print it off and away you go:


Show Jumping Checklist