5 Essentials to the Best Livery Yard for your Horse:

February 5, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Equestrian Advice


There are a couple of essentials to consider when looking for a new livery yard, my personal points to consider are below:

1. Sufficient grazing:
Not enough access to forage throughout the year can cause problems for example such as gastric ulcers, legs swelling from box rest and stable vices. Plenty of grazing will give your horse space to de-stress and make friends with the heard.




It is vital to ask about how frequent the horses will be turned out when viewing a new yard, good questions to ask include:

  • Can the horses live out in the summer?
  • Can the horses be turned out all year round?
  • Are the fields rested at any point? (Winter field/ Summer field)
  • Does the yard commonly get ragwort? (this is poisonous to horses if not removed)
  • Are the fields poo picked?
Depending on the answers, these will be tell tale signals if the yard/ fields are managed properly. Some yards do not allow for turnout throughout the winter season, this would not be suitable for my horses for instance as they would become very bored in their stables and possibly start bad habits.

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 2. Menage maintenance:

Checking the menage for how it is maintained can indicate to you whether the farmer is keen to keep their customers happy. As you can expect the menage is a big feature to the livery yard and is used on a daily basis, from your horses point of view I would be checking what type of flooring has been used and if there are stones or poo left in the menage.

Stones in particular can hurt your horses hooves (obviously) and should not be in the menage.
The left over horse poo will show that there are not many rules being kept to on the yard. Most yards recommend that horse poo is removed immediately or straight after riding to ensure it is not trodden into the menage flooring.
Regarding rules, I know that you do not want too many rules but they can keep your horse safe and stop any idiotic behaviour around the horses. You don’t want to be on a yard which is like a circus!

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 3. Unlimited Hay/ haylege and straw bedding:

Having unlimited supplies will ensure your horse has enough food and bedding no matter what! So even if you are having a bad month… your horse will have plenty of food to eat and somewhere to sleep.
It is not common for livery yards to provide shavings unlimited as this can be very expensive, BUT straw is definitely supplied in some places. (I have it now on the yard I am on)

4. An approachable farmer:

This sounds like a strange thing to think about.. but it is something to definitely consider. If you are ever in a sticky situation or need something fixing, you need to be able to ask your farmer without a worry.

5. Obvious dangers?

I know farm yards can be a place of machinery such as tractors and other equipment, but you need to check if they are stored out of the way and not in a place where you or your horse could be hurt.
Is the field entrance a death trap!? Bringing your horse in from the field is a day to day activity, don’t make it hard for yourself by being unable to handle the amount of horses at the gate or the fact the field is a complete mud bath.
Believe me, some yards can maintain their fields to be safe at the entrance…so don’t put up with it.

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If you have any questions about the horse yard you are viewing, simply send a message to the livery manager and they will answer as soon as possible or even invite you for a look.


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    FINDMYSTABLE said on February 5, 2017 9:58 PM:

    I would love to hear what your 5 essentials are to a great livery yard, let me know below and any questions are welcome.

    Thanks again for taking the time to read!

  2. julierose329 said on March 11, 2017 2:38 AM:

    My 5 essentials when choosing a livery yard are:
    1. Knowledgeable stable owner. If for some reason something were to happen when I was not there I would want them to have good basic knowledge of horse care.
    2. Good, large pastures with a lot of turn out time and good grass! (Some type of shelter is always a bonus!)
    3. Lots of good hay available and horses fed multiple times throughout the day.
    4. Security. I look for gates that are sturdy and tack rooms with locks.
    5. Cleanliness. Properly picking manure in stalls and in the yard is very important to me.

    1. image
      FINDMYSTABLE said on March 11, 2017 3:39 PM:

      This is great to know Julierose329! I agree with all your points, they are very important. It would be interesting to know which would be the most important for you?